The work of Ephameron explores a sensitive side of the world, where the small and intimate dramas of life are documented. Everyday feelings and thoughts are recreated with images and text. Ephameron has published her illustrations in a.o. De Standaard, De Tijd, L’Echo, Knack and The New York Times. She also curates and participates in group and solo shows all over the world.

Ephameron holds master’s degrees in both Fine Arts and Illustrative Design, and currently teaches at LUCA School of Arts / Sint-Lukas Brussels while preparing her PhD in the Visual Arts, researching the artistic autobiography in graphic narratives. “Wij Twee Samen” (2015), her book about her father’s struggle with dementia, was met with critical acclaim. Her publication “re/collection” (2017), collecting 320 pages from her travel diaries, just came out.

Better Days

by Ephameron

September 2018 - 11 euro - letterpress printed and handbound in Thailand - no text

During her residency at Humble Projects in Bangkok, Ephameron engaged, through drawing, in a dialogue with local spaces and people. She created a series of images observing residents and structures, and documenting the daily variations of life. A selection of these were printed by letterpress and bound into a book.

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by Ephameron

December 2017 - 25 euro - 10.9 x 17.1 cm - softcover with 320 full colour pages - no text
ISBN 9789492672025

This new book gathers a selection of impressions from the travel diaries of Ephameron. The artist uses observational drawing and painting as a way to engrave the memory and surroundings deeper into the brain. A compact but thick book, collecting 320 pages of recollections from 2011-2017.

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