Ephameron explores a sensitive side of the world, where small and intimate dramas of life are documented. She works as an artist, editorial illustrator, and author. Ephameron’s graphic novel about her father’s struggle with dementia — “Wij twee samen” (2015), translated as “Us Two Together” (2019) — was met with critical acclaim. The publication “re/collection” (2017) collects 320 pages from her travel diaries.


Destelheide — Dworp — 2020~2021
(art residency, group show with Aidan Koch, Ephameron, Karen Vermeren, Louis Reith, Merijn Hos and Siemen Van Gaubergen and performance by Ephameron x CHVE)

De Standaard, 30/07/2020

Us Two Together

by Ephameron

October 2019 – $29.95 – 7" x 9.5" – hardcover with 232 full colour pages – text in English ISBN 9780271084916

In this beautifully illustrated graphic novel, now translated into English from Dutch, artist Ephameron chronicles her father’s losing battle with early-onset primary progressive aphasia (PPA)—a rare form of dementia that advanced slowly and left him unable to speak or to coordinate his thoughts and actions.

A moving sequence of paper collage illustrations layered under text depicts Ephameron’s father’s decline and her family’s experience of caring for him. Compositional techniques combined with image, rhythm, and narrative work both to convey emotion and to frame illness in its context. Unlike other portrayals of dementia, Ephameron’s does not shy away from portraying the brutality of the disease. Us Two Together is a poetic and melancholic depiction of how dementia slowly disintegrates a body.

Available from www.psupress.org


November 2019 – 70 euro – 3-colour silkscreen print on 240g light blue paper – 48 x 68cm – edition of 50

Available from www.supercollect.be

L’Echo, 3/10/2020


by Ephameron

December 2017 – 25 euro – 10.9 x 17.1 cm – softcover with 320 full colour pages – no text
ISBN 9789492672025

This new book gathers a selection of impressions from the travel diaries of Ephameron. The artist uses observational drawing and painting as a way to engrave the memory and surroundings deeper into the brain. A compact but thick book, collecting 320 pages of recollections from 2011-2017.

Available from www.oogachtend.be

L’Echo, 21/12/2019